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Custom Design & Build

Build On Your Lot

Get Financing And Sign Contract

We produce fixed price quote to approved designs for your atjustments and decision

Get financing from our preferred lenders:
Benny Poole 301-775-8938
Eva G Brake 571-429-0174,
David Le 703-424-5369

Sign Contract 

Begin Construction

Site work & construction begins
Our team will keep you updated. Quality inspection will be done at each stage
Complete walk through of your new house. Warranty process discussion
Time to move in. Enjoy your new dream home

Enter Custom Design Agreement

Contact us and setup FREE initial
consulation meeting
Sign design relainer agreement and
pay a design service fee
Design service commence to produce computer
schematic drawing for your approval

Step 1

Contact us  and setup Initial Consultation Meeting; Pay design retainer fee

Step 2

Hand or computer sketch concept

Step 3

3-D computer modeling & Construction Plan Drawing

Step 4

Optional Detailed Rendering

Customers who used our design and build service always found the best value for their dream home. 

Contact us today to get yours started! 

Custom Design Example Gallery

Collaborate closely with our expert architectural design team to create a custom plan tailored to your unique preferences, requirements, and property. Together, we'll craft a home that perfectly embodies your style and personality, ensuring every detail is a reflection of your individuality. While the planning and permitting process may require additional time, and custom construction typically entails higher costs, the advantage lies in the ability to personalize every aspect of your home. From the layout to the finishes, each detail can be tailored to your specific preferences, the end result will be a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that truly feels like home!

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